Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday comes around and all sorts have gone on here at Dotbike towers. The Olympic road race route was released and within a day ridden and reviewed. So the decision was, where to watch the race from? Two options really,

1. The Mall.

Pros; Atmosphere, start and finish pictures, iconic venue. Yes I used iconic, it’s the right word live with it.

Cons; Having to get there around dawn to get a good view, losing that spot every time you need the loo/ a beer/ food. How to fill the intervening time? (Big screen and picnic in Green Park hopefully.)

2. Box Hill.

Pros; Nice setting, Nine laps by the peloton, cafe on hand, ease of access from Sisters flat J

Cons; Exposed in bad weather. Big screen doubtful to watch the finish. Orchids Anthropophora.

So there we have it, as I won’t have a spare £350 for a ticket to the Velodrome finals I think Box Hill it will be. It has just occurred to me that I can see both races at Box Hill but two day trips to Lunnon are not an option.

The press are in overdrive talking up Mark Cavendish for this. I have read few journalists copy who appear to actually know anything about bike racing but this isn’t solely a sprinters course and who will lead him out? David Millar will not be there as he is still banned by the BOA. Class riders as we have, he will not have a train anywhere near as slick as HTCs to deliver him and sadly Mark Renshaw is Australian.

Have a good weekend

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moonlustie said...

I better get ready for a visitor then!