Friday, February 4, 2011

Poor Commuting

I am becoming frustrated with my inability to get my sorry self out on the bike to come to work. Monday car MOT, Tuesday turbo training makes for too long a day and a cold wet commute after. Wednesday overslept! Friday away for the weekend and need to be at destination early. So one measly day this week and a turbo session is my sum of riding.

There has, however, been some interesting stuff going on in the world of blog. (Blogosphere is so NI Wapping speak). I fell across Pista Collective with a nice line in tees and artwork restrained myself from purchase though. The art of the bike wash was brought to my attention from the singularly named Belgian Knee Warmers. Surely this was a googlewhack in the days before we all had blogs.

We received some spiked tyres this week, not from the people we ordered from in August but from another firm we ordered from when desperately placing orders anywhere we could. The Ice tyres went straight to some very patient customers but we do have some Snow Studs, oh, the Strathpuffer was three weeks ago, bugger! My apologies if you're still waiting for 26" Marathon Winters.

Well the weekend is here, I'm off to friends to watch the rugby and search fruitlessly for coverage on the Tour of Qatar or Tour of Oman. Have a good weekend.

The bike in the photo? A posh Sturmey Archer version of my first ever bike, the Elswick Hopper!


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