Friday, July 22, 2011

School Holidays

Ah the joy of the long summer break is looming in the UK. Bored children, whey faced and pasty from hours of World of Mindless Violence IV on the computer. Hours in traffic jams trying to get to that restful "Staycation" frantically twittering for detours around the delay then getting stuck behind a herd of sheep.

In a previous incarnation living on darkest Anglesey, we used to joke that as soon as the school holidays started the local council dug up the A5 in the hope that distraught dehydrated motorists would divert to a local town to refresh themselves. Having had our local main road "repaired" with the spray and scatter technique recently I have been mentally on my high horse. (At this point ex colleagues switch off. "Oh God he's getting on his soapbox!")

Cutting to the chase, passing by short termism, fixing the symptom not the fault and false economies, brings me to the cyclists and motorists bette noir the pot hole. I have trashed car wheels and carried out alarming manoeuvres avoiding these horrors. The CTC have a very good sattelite site Fill That Hole whereby you can report pot holes from a central point to councils. You can do this via your iPhone (Can we have an android version please?) and if you are one of the lucky 30% your hole will get filled.

I'm sure a few people will start raving that I should pay road tax to get them fixed but as it was done away with in 1937 it is a little difficult. Our VED does not go to road upkeep but goes into the general taxation pot. I pay VED on my car at the appropriate rate as I do for my bikes.

So whether you're stuck in a jam or enjoying a break why not take a little time to report those holes. Weight of opinion works harder than inappropriate conversations, which of course we never had.