Friday, February 10, 2012

A Week is a Long Time

The last week to ten days has been a little confusing on some levels for me. I usually keep my politics to myself as, unless people are being killed, that’s where it should stay. Then Kaya Burgess of the Times rattled my cage.

Last Thursday the Times front page was entirely dedicated to their Cities Fit for Cycling Campaign. I neither live nor want to live in a city but safe roads for all road users rattle my bones. So the soapbox was dusted off and I pushed it at you dear readers. Some who know me will have sported wry smiles thinking, “Oh dear, he’s off on one. It’s been a while.” At least one customer mailed to say they’d signed up. So if two of us have that is two more than the total number of Conservative MPs that have so far signed up for the early day motion to debate the campaign. In my politically naive world politics is about debate. So if those who purport to represent us don’t take part what is the point? Have a look at the campaign, trying to save lives can’t be wrong can it?

While I’m up here the Contador, Ullrich and Armstrong doping cases have finally come to some sort of an end. Can anyone explain the point of a retrospective ban to me? If he’s guilty fine him, strip him of his titles then ban him. It’s a punishment; it doesn’t come with a Tardis! The only winners in any of these cases are the lawyers bless them. Operation Puerto (Ullrich case) named more than just cycling in its’ report. Have any of the other governing bodies gone after their cheats?

Climbing off my soapbox, part of my job here at Dotbike Towers is skimming the social networks and blogosphere for interesting content. As you will see by my irregular postings I’m either not very good at it or there is a lot of irrelevant tosh flying around. (IMHO) Most of the stuff I think relevant goes on the Dotbike Facebook, Google+ and Twitter feeds. There are cartoons I find funny from The Kickstand and Bikeyface that rarely go on as I presume people of your evident taste will already be supporting them. Fatty often makes me smile and does a huge amount of good stuff, if he lived here half the country would be signed up to Cyclesafe. Today from one of our more corporate feeds came a link to this blog. There are a good number of women in our bike club a good core of which I have ridden with regularly. I wriggled like a schoolboy when the girlfriend at the time and I came across the SheWee but I’ve never seen a lass who can do that with her shorts.

Have a good weekend folks and #cyclesafe


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