Thursday, April 5, 2012

Crime and Punishment

I was going to get all pious and smug about signing up for 30 Days of Cycling this Easter week but my attention has been diverted by theft.

As a Kryptonite retailer we follow the Bike Shepherd Twitterfeed. Dutifully retweeting the posts on stolen bikes around the globe I was surprised to see three bikes pop up in short order with a reasonably local postcode. I had a quick sweep of the media to ensure a bike shop in the region hadn’t been raided and finding nothing moved on. The next day some of these bikes were tweeted as recovered and this popped up on a forum. Have a read and a quick view of the video and then ask yourself if a ground anchor a decent lock and a tracking tag aren’t a worthwhile investment. I suppose I haven’t swung too far away from the Easter theme as nailing thieving gits to a tree is probably a bit liberal.

Still between the Track World Champs in Melbourne all weekend and Paris Roubaix on Sunday it’s a fine weekend of cycling. So if you see a bearded freak on a gold tourer slogging across Berkshire tomorrow morning in a generally Guilford direction, don’t tell me if Anna mears beats our Viccy in the semi’s. Let me get to my sisters’, discover the bad news and go to the pub. Do pass me chocolate or just a cheery wave.

Have a good weekend, whatever you’re doing.


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