Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Still Falls the Rain

My luck had to run out, it tipped it down this morning propelled on a stiff south easterly. If it hadn’t been for 30 Days of Cycling and an early appointment with a customer I would have normally driven to work in weather such as this. It has however given a good testing of some kit in challenging conditions. All the kit listed was bought with my own pennies but if Adidas would like to furnish me with some similar knee warmers as good as those mentioned below.....

Last week I bought a Topeak iPhone drybag and gave some first thoughts on it on Monday promising an update when it had been properly rained on. This morning it got properly rained on and did its’ job without fault. Not one drop passed its’ seals and a quick wipe down before opening ensured all stayed dry. All that remains is to examine its’ long term durability with daily use.

Everything got a thorough battering this morning so here are some minor points as to what was used and their performance.

1. Lusso HT70 Jacket. Stood up well, the fleece collar stopped too much running down my neck and my baselayer was rain free on arrival. Ideal commuting/touring jacket.

2. BBB Waterflex overshoes. All overshoes have an inbuilt problem. A big hole at the top to put your foot in. This was the only ingress point and to be expected. Socks and inside of shoes damp on arrival Warm and watertight everywhere else.

3. Adidas Climawarm knee warmers. Over five years old but still doing the job. Getting a little Nora Batty in places but kept the knees toasty even when soaked through.

4. Hat Ridiculous courtesy of Sealskinz. Far from the most stylish bit of kit I own but I just don’t care as it works. Dry, warm head, tin description duly met.

Mitts and shorts were soaked I should have worn full gloves but since the demise to ergo finger of my Goretex gloves nothing has satisfactorily met the waterproof and light glove remit.

Expected head wind all the way home, Meh!

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