Tuesday, May 1, 2012

30 Days of Biking Summary

It rained.

To be fair it didn't rain much the first week of April then the heavens opened.  In the vain belief that somebody outside the UK might read this, some points of reference.  The southern half of our normally rain and windswept island in the top right hand corner of the Atlantic is suffering a drought. 30 days of biking is an annual social networked event to cycle every day in April.  April 2012 was the wettest April in the UK in a century.

April fools day was a gentle ride in the sunshine with a mate who owns a bike.  don't get me wrong he enjoys a bike ride but he's more BMW than BMC.  Weekdays were easy I rode to work I have longer commutes but by this stage it was a dash between the showers and on the whole I stayed dry. Easter saw a dry if cloudy ride to my sisters' in Guildford a couple of short rides in the rain Saturday and Sunday as we were doing the dutiful offspring bit followed by a train trip to Didcot to avoid a gale force headwind and rain. Coffeeneuring lunch and lunch runs saw out my weekends and to be fair to the weather Gods I dodged the showers.  The rain last week was pretty much continuous so I got a bit damp in the shorts dept. but only really soaked on Thursday and Friday.  The last weekend was atrocious.  I snuck a drizzly ride through Newbury Saturday morning but Sunday looked like my first "no show"  I drove back from friends on Sunday and a miraculous bit of blue sky appeared.  I got wet feet from the flooding but no waterproof required.

Despite the poor weather I've quite enjoyed it and got to try out in anger a few items of foul weather kit that haven't been truly taxed before.  See previous posts for details.  I used the smart phone app Endomondo to track my rides and really the only problems have been operator and phone driven.  It took said operator over two weeks to realise having mobile data switched on completely threw my Sony Ericsson Experia's ability to look at a satellite and relate it to useful data.  Hence the mileage recorded  is utter Murdoch, the timings are right and apart from one deleted record the mapping is mostly translatable to logical road routes.

May is a calorie challenge on Endemondo as I havent lost a bean!

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